G. Beaudin

G. is the mastermind and face of the agency. The tiny saint of arts, drinks, and hospitality, his sales experience keeps the wheels of the operation spinning as quickly as his imagination and  legs allow.

Alex Rennie

Alex, when not cultivating mass for his dad-bod, uses his legal acumen and commercial awareness to supplement his club and hospitality experience to keep operations as simple and friendly as a Canadian ought to.

Rica(rdo) Amaral

Rica is a Brazilian beauty and creative marketing strategist who keeps a smile on his face and all others' whilst focussing on design for social impact and connecting the company through his marketing experience.

Philipp Brandt

Philipp is the German legal powerhouse and partner behind the scenes that keeps the gears of Craft Initiative well-oiled. His invaluable skills have allowed the Agency to flourish through labyrinthine bureaucracy.

Linda Kolodziej

Linda is the resident native German language saviour in a team of Auslanders; navigating any unfamiliar terrain for the crew and leading the communications and office management for the company.

Franziska Shattauer

Franzi is the latest addition to the Craft Initiative team. She has been working non-stop to make sure that protocols are in order and that G. does not lose his mind trying to tie all the threads together.

Valentine Destrait

Valentine is a maestro of computing and design. She provides the backbone of the online and identity elements of the company as well as dominating any other tasks mercilessly thrown her way.